It’s my belief that happiness stems from healthiness.

And health starts with food.

Hi there, I’m Vanessa Olsen.

You may know me as the author of several health books on Amazon, your friendly neighborhood sports nutritionist, both, or neither. Either way, I’m happy that you’re here!

But what am I doing here?

I created this blog to help people create and live healthier lifestyles. Confusion and ignorance of health has sparked an epidemic of scary diseases across the world.

In every way that I can, I’m trying to combat that epidemic.

I just hate to see my fellow humans suffer in the way that they do. So many people believe that being healthy is about eating nothing but carrots and celery all day long, and so they choose to be unhealthy instead.

Trust me, if being healthy was about eating carrots and celery, I’d choose to be unhealthy too.

But in reality, being healthy is about eating cheese, butter, toast, fresh berries, cream, yoghurt, and barbecue chicken.

Being healthy is about fresh cocktails, sweet candies, chewy brownies, and crispy appetizers with dip.

Being healthy is about spending the weekend with friends, staying up until 3am on a Tuesday, and making trips to tropical destinations.

Being healthy is about a lot of things and finding balance between those things.

But most of all, being healthy is about being happy.

That is the message I am trying to spread to the world. I welcome you to join me.

Why should I be trusted?

My friends call me Nessie, and I live in the urban sort-of-city of Waterloo, Ontario with my cat Nellie. Nellie has inspired me to do many things, like use cosmetics that don’t test on animals and sit on countertops more often.

I am blessed with a decent amount of vacation days which have allowed me to see a lot of the world. In my solo adventures, I have become acquainted with the people, cultures, and customs of Cuba, Florida, Germany, France, Spain, and Britain. Then last summer I got a little curious about what my own backyard had to offer, so I went on a road trip to see quaint towns like North Bay, Thunder Bay, and everything in and around Hudson Bay.

But what in the world does this countertop sitting, aimlessly travelling hippy have to offer you? A little and a lot and everything in between, I guess.

Let me explain…

Since the days I wore pigtails in my hair and sparkly N’Sync t-shirts, I’ve been a health nut.

Along the side of my childhood home (located in the quiet town of Gilford, Ontario) my mother had a garden. I have many fond memories of turning over soil, watering fruits and vegetables, and of course eating what we grew.

And the things we made with what we grew really shocked people.

With zucchinis we would make brownies.

With beets we would make frosting.

With carrots we would make cookies.

With corn we would make popsicles.

And at the end of the day, with cucumbers my mother would mix herself a cocktail.

Growing up with my mother to guide me, I understood from a very young age that health didn’t have anything to do with being “blah” as long as you did it right.

This philosophy turned into a passion in my teen years, and a career in adulthood.

In the Spring of 2010 I completed my degree with Ryerson’s School of Nutrition.

And by early 2011, I had landed my dream job of Sports Nutritionist.

Or in other words, showing others that being healthy isn’t blah.

My passion is out of control!

With my unconventional health nut background, no one is really surprised I’ve ended up nagging others with my unconventional health nut knowledge.

What no one really saw coming, however, is my passion for cooking, baking, and pretty much everything else you do in the kitchen. I swear, I spend more time in that room of my house than anywhere else…

And weirdly, it’s because I like it there.

It started as a child. I remember being amazed as my mother showed me how to transform the vegetables we grew in our garden into sweet and decadent desserts.

And as I grew up, I learned how to create other healthy dishes traditionally known as “sinful”. Mac n’ cheese, submarine sandwiches, and pizza were my favorites to create as a teenager.

Since then, I’ve grown to love and make many healthy versions of pasta, bruschetta, burgers, fries, dips, and any and all desserts you can think of.

But since my Monday to Friday job didn’t really give me an outlet for my passion for cooking, I had to search for alternatives. I was telling clients who wanted to know how to bulk up about a ketogenic pasta dish I had created the night before. Things were getting out of control.

And so, my books were born. Finally, I had a way to get my wild and deranged passion for cooking and eating out there. People were not only buying my books, but preparing and enjoying the recipes I had put together in my very own kitchen first.

It brought a tear to my eye, I tell ya.

I’m Vanessa Olsen, an addict.

After reading reviews about how my books and recipes had helped to change people’s lives for the better, I bloomed into a full-blown addict.

More books were written produced. I was constantly mixing, creating, slicing, dicing, dipping, writing, and frosting.

And in the midst of all that, thinking about how I could get more people living happy, healthy lifestyles.

I understand that not everyone has the money, time, or interest to buy book after book of mine. And so, I needed to dream up a solution for people like that who still wanted to live a healthy.

And I dreamed a dream of a blog

Like many people of this day and age, I had been thinking about creating a blog for a while.

But about what? I would ask myself.

And well, here’s the answer.

A jumble of product reviews, recipes, and diet information that the world may or may not have wanted. You’re welcome.

Let’s do this thang.

The world is a big place, and sometimes making a difference in the world can seem a little impossible.

But I like to believe that with every positive thought, word, and action there also comes a positive ripple effect that reaches all ends of the earth.

If you’re looking to create a positive ripple effect, or even just find positivity within, I hope that living a “happy healthy” life will help you do just that.