Magefesa Pracktika Plus

The Magefesa Practika Plus is perfect for both those who may be a little newer to pressure cooking and those who have already been pressure cooking for years. As the name would suggest, it’s super practical and straightforward to use. Features are limited but the product is well-made and manufactured. Not to mention, having limited features make the Magefesa Practika Plus super easy to use.


The Magefesa has features which totally drive the competition out of the water. And it’s for that reason that it’s made it to my page of recommended products.

Features of the Magefesa Practika Plus include:

  • Stainless steel, dishwasher-safe design
  • Pressure control system with 2 cooking levels (fast and super fast)
  • Ergonomic, bakelite handles
  • Spring pressure valve
  • “maximum” markings on the inside of the pot for grains, beans, and regular cooking
  • Premium stainless steel finish which both looks beautiful and won’t stick to food
  • Solid, heavy-duty build
  • Five-layer bottom for fastest cooking experience
  • 4-way pressure valve for high pressure, low pressure, release, and OFF
  • Energy efficient (uses 70% less energy than traditional cooking)

And to top all of these amazing features off, customers even get a 10-year warranty should there be any disappointment or problems.


The team behind the Magefesa Practika Plus certainly made safety one of their priorities when designing it. With all the safety features it comes with, you couldn’t even burn your house down if you tried…

Some of the safety features include:

  • Working pressure valve
  • Pressure regulating valve
  • Safety overpressure valve
  • Visual pressure indicator
  • Security valve
  • Safety window at the edge of the lid
  • “easy lock” system to prevent the pot from opening before pressure is released
  • Safety-lock handle
  • Ergonomic handles that don’t absorb heat and are easy to grip

My personal experience

The Magefesa Practika Plus is the second pressure cooker I ever bought, and although I bought it for the low price, it is also the best pressure cooker I’ve owned. I needed to replace my old, beaten-down Fagor pressure cooker from my college years as it wasn’t really performing anymore. And man oh man, this pressure cooker truly changed my views on pressure cooking all around.

Being a single person who mostly cooks for myself, I bought the 3.3 qt Magefesa Practika Plus. If you’re cooking for more than 3-4 people at a time, however, I strongly recommend you upgrade to the 6 or 8 qt. Mine definitely isn’t fit to cook for a family, so if that’s what your intentions are then bigger is definitely better!

After having a Fagor for years, one of the first things I noticed about the Magefesa Packtika Plus was that it was super quiet. All that comes out is a slight hiss. Definitely a plus in my mind.

Now, before buying the Magefesa Practika Plus I was well aware that pressure cookers are supposed to lock in flavor… but I never imagined flavor like this.

One of the first things I ever made in this pressure cooker was quite simple. I threw together a pretty routine breakfast of oats, vanilla soy milk, berries, and cinnamon, but the results shocked me to the core. It tasted like I was eating berry cobbler pie. Absolutely insane!

Yet while the flavors were amazing, it took me a little while to get used to using the Magefesa Practika Plus. I will admit that you shouldn’t start the pressure cooker on high-heat, but rather on medium-high. Otherwise, the pressure cooker’s moisture will overflow and make a mess. This took a little bit of trial and error to correct.

And honestly, the Magefesa Practika Plus is built with such great quality that this issue is so, so minor. It really doesn’t take away from the experience of cooking with this thing at all. Not to mention, there’s a ton of safety features that come with the pressure cooker to keep you calm in situations where things seem to be going wrong.

Cleaning-wise, I couldn’t ask for a better pressure cooker. The entire thing is made of stainless steel which basically repels food that normally sticks. Just give it a soak immediately after use and wash it out like you would a normal pot or pan. Or, you can even throw it in the dishwasher since this one is dishwasher safe.

My advice

I’ve already gone over a couple things which should make your experience with the Magefesa Practika Plus a little easier, but these extra points will really make your purchase worthwhile.

If it’s your first time using a pressure cooker, it’s a good idea to use it under instruction of my pressure cooker eBooks. The manual that comes with the Magefesa Practika Plus does a really poor job of explaining how to actually use it. Just by looking at reviews on Amazon it’s obvious the manual needs a lot of work…

I found the instructions were most off in the area of steam coming out of the pot. So instead of trying to decipher theirs and possibly ruining your food, here’s what I suggest instead:

  • The hole with the red ball will be the first thing to release steam. It does this for about 15-30 seconds before the red ball rises and blocks the hole. Stay calm!
  • Once the red ball is blocking the hole, keep your pressure cooker on high heat for 3-4 minutes or until clouds of steam start puffing out.
  • Once you see the clouds of steam puffing out, put your stove on the lowest setting and start your timer.
  • Continue to monitor your pressure cooker. If steam comes out of the nozzle, you’re fine. But if it starts to come out of the sides, you should shut the cooker off immediately. This means that the pressure is too high.

Thinking I knew all there was to know about pressure cooking, I didn’t really give the manual a thorough read upon my first couple uses. After a few uses, however, the gasket started to spit out moisture. This wasn’t safe for neither me nor my cat Nellie so I went back to the manual to find out what was wrong. Amidst some (borderline awful) Spanish to English translation, I read that you’re supposed to coat the gasket with olive oil after each use. Quite the easy fix. Just took me a while to find in the manual.

Also, it’s a good idea to purchase a trivet or steamer insert when you purchase the Magefesa Practika Plus. When I purchased this, I didn’t have either as I thought they might come with the pressure cooker. They didn’t though, which was kind of a disappointment seeing as you need them for a lot of recipes.

But still, the price is so good that there really isn’t room to complain.

Oh, and about the price. The cheapest place to get a Magefesa Practika Plus pressure cooker is most definitely not through the company webstie. The Magefesa website sells it for $120USD while Amazon sells it for about $75USD.

As a side note, if you like to make your own stocks and broth, this is the pot to use. Seriously, put down your old pots and pans and never use them again. Stocks and broths with intense flavor can be made in just 30 minutes, and effortlessly too. It’ll change the way you cook.


If you’ve skipped to the end and didn’t want to read all that jargon, here’s an overview of my thoughts on the Magefesa Practika Plus.


  • It has a simple yet sturdy design
  • It comes with tons of safety features
  • It comes in three different sizes
  • It does a superb job of sealing in flavor
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It has a low price
  • It makes a killer broth, along with many other things


  • The manual doesn’t accurately describe how to use the pressure cooker (mostly due to translation problems)
  • It doesn’t come with the “extras” (trivet/steamer rack) which some recipes require

As you can see, there’s a lot more good to the Magefesa Practika Plus to make up for the minor small issues. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled and trained pressure cooker, this one certainly won’t disappoint!


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