The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

The WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker may not be “perfect,” but it’s definitely a solid stovetop option for people wanting fast, healthy meals. Features like an all-in-one handle and excellent safety make this pressure cooker stand out in my book, and make it worth looking into.


What are the basics?


The WMF Perfect Plus Pressure cooker comes in three sizes: 3 quarts, 4 ½ quarts, and 6 ½ quarts. Most families of three or more would be best to get the 6 ½-quart size. It’s made from 18/10 stainless-steel, which is the highest quality you can get, and a TransTherm base which provides even heating for all stovetops, even induction. You measure the amount of pressure using the convenient colored rings – yellow means pressure is building, orange means low pressure, and the third ring (also orange) means you’ve got high pressure. When the pressure builds to the yellow ring, the cooker automatically locks so you can’t open it.


What are my favorite features on the WMF Perfect Plus?


1) The handle and pressure valve


The most innovative feature on this pressure cooker is the handle, which is an all-in-one handle that contains the pressure valve. This means that you reduce the pressure using the handle slide “open” position on the heat-resistant handle, and don’t have to put your hand in a dangerous position where you could get burned by the escaping steam. You have control over how much pressure you release at once with the slow-medium, medium, and medium-fast releases. The handle is also detachable, so it’s easy to clean!


2) The over-pressure alert and valve


I’ll get into the rest of the safety features later, but this one is my favorite. The over-pressure alert is a “toot” sound that lets you know if the cooker pressure is getting too high. This is really important with stovetop cookers, because they can get overheated when the burner is too high. When you hear the alert, reduce the heat so high pressure is maintained, but not building. The WMF Pressure Plus also has a special over-pressure valve, so at the same time that the alert goes off, the valve starts releasing excess pressure.


What do I think could be improved?


There really isn’t much that I dislike about this cooker, but I suppose the one thing I would like to see changed is how the pressure is labeled. Most stovetop pressure cookers say they can reach 15 PSI, but the reality is they operate lower. The WMF Perfect Plus actually reaches 13.8 PSI. This isn’t a huge deal – it’s still higher than an electric pressure cooker – but I always like to know these sort of things beforehand.


The second possible issue for people is the price. The list price is around $250, which is pretty pricey for a stovetop cooker. For that price, you could get an advanced digital cooker that’s more hands-off. However, if you really prefer stovetop cookers because of their high PSI, a cooker of this price and quality will last many, many years. You can’t cheap out on a $60 stovetop cooker and expect perfect results for very long.


What kind of safety features are there?


The WMF Perfect Plus is packed with safety features. In addition to the over-pressure valve, there’s a secondary safety valve in case the primary valve fails, and a safety gasket vent, which serves as a third valve in case the first two fail. The inside of the pot also has fill lines, which is pretty standard for most stovetop cookers, but still useful. There are three lines – ⅓ full, ½ full, and ⅔ full. The cooker should be filled to the ½ full line when you’re cooking foamy foods like grains and beans, while the ⅔ full line is for everything else.


How easy is clean-up?


As mentioned before, this cooker’s handle snaps right off, so you can wash the pot and handle separately. Because the pot is stainless-steel, you really shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher, because it will fade. Hand-washing is best. This takes a little more work, but as with all stovetop pressure cookers, you have to wash by hand anyway because of the more delicate valve-cleaning on the lid. Cleaning and maintaining this pressure cooker isn’t more difficult than any other stovetop cooker out there.


Final thoughts


Though the WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker isn’t cheap, you are getting your money’s worth. The stainless-steel construction is extremely durable, shiny, and heats evenly every time. My favorite features were the all-in-one handle that gives you total control over pressure release, and the myriad of safety features that include three vents. Bear in mind that though this pressure cooker says it’s a 15 PSI, it actually reaches 13.8 PSI, and you will have to wash the stainless-steel pot by hand. These downsides aren’t significant enough to dissuade me from praising this cooker, so if your budget allows it, it’s a great stove top pressure cooker.

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